Evolutionary demography and conservation lab - Labo de démographie évolutive et conservation


The people

These projects are collaborative effort of several researchers. Here is a list of the key people. More information on their students, collaborators and current research projects can be found on their personal web page.

Marco Festa-Bianchet - Université de Sherbrooke

Steeve Côté - Université Laval

Dave Coltman - University of Alberta

Kathreen Ruckstuhl - University of Calgary

John T. Hogg - Montana Conservation Science Institute

Jon Jorgenson - Alberta Fish and Wildlife

Kirby Smith - Alberta Fish and Wildlife

Denis Réale - UQÀM

Fanie Pelletier - Imperial College



We are grateful to all the students and volunteers that have help the data collection for the sheep projects over the past years.

-please email me if you have been involved but your picture is missing from our acknowledgement board-